Peter Arnold: ‘Stealing’ water? Really? |

Peter Arnold: ‘Stealing’ water? Really?

Nick Wilcox maintains that we with wells are “stealing” free water from NID through leakage, percolation and tail waters going into the ground.

Where the NID B Canal crossed our property at 1,500 feet, the water it carried was so rich in nutrients that I never in 40 years found our vineyard lacking in nitrogen. It also carries E. coli, Giardia and all sorts of other “neat stuff.”

So if the water in our well benefits from leakage from the B Canal, why are we well users not falling victim to those bacteria? Why are they not showing up when we have our well water tested?

Actually I do know of a couple of cases where wells showed contamination at relatively shallow depths like 45 feet but they had to be abandoned as having non-potable water. NID did those wells no favor.

Moreover, springs provide potable water in our area, one of them a gusher that used to yield 75 gallons per minute, all testing pure for years. So Nick, please be less hasty of us stealing your water.

Peter Arnold

Grass Valley

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