Peg Vielbig: Advice from grandma |

Peg Vielbig: Advice from grandma

To John Palmer, in re-reading your letter to the editor, I sense there is quite a difference in our ages, so I’m going to respond to you as if you were my grandson.

“Honey, you asked what you should do with your friend, who is a Trump-lover, while you are not. There is nothing you should do with your friend except allow him his own opinions. You said you don’t want negativity in your life so please re-read what you wrote concerning the topic of your disagreement. So, where is that negativity coming from?

Looking inside oneself is one of life’s biggest challenges. It’s not necessary to agree with everyone on everything. Civilization would be at a standstill if that happened.

To me what is necessary, at times, is to take a deep breath and “Let it be.” I have friends who have radically different views on politics, religion, climate change, etc., and yet we’re friends. So, “grandson,” be patient with yourself and others, take your stand on the positive not the negative. And “Live long and prosper.”

Peg Vielbig, aka grandma

Grass Valley

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