Paul Pease: An alternative to blackouts |

Paul Pease: An alternative to blackouts

Throughout the month of October we experienced blackouts, could lead people to freeze to death in colder weather. The blackouts, In addition, caused food to spoil and we have to go into hock to buy more food, and then go through the same routine again.

I go to the Food Bank once a month to get food, because I cannot go to the grocery store twice a month to get groceries — and it’s expensive. However, with my health the way it is, I am thankful that Pacific Gas and Electric paid for a hotel room, so I could power up my oxygen machine so I could breathe, get food vouchers and not worry about falling down in a dark house and having an accident.

Thank you Pacific Gas and Electric, but there is a better way to do this without blackouts.

Cut down all trees on all lands 100 feet or more away from power lines and structures, plow all vegetation 100 feet away from power lines on all lands, replace all power cables every five to 10 years, and to prevent gas fires, replace all pipes every five to 10 years with iron or the strongest pipe.

Paul Andrew Pease

Grass Valley

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