Paul Molino: Shared core values |

Paul Molino: Shared core values

Removing Trump from office will be accomplished by adhering to our core values and not centrist moderation. There is no middle ground when our values are at stake.

I challenge my liberal colleagues to identify a single core value they would moderate to the center. Gun control, health, jobs and equality are driven by our values and not by centrist beliefs or slogans. Build on our values now and flesh out programs later. We value quality health care for everyone, gun safety and security, quality education and opportunity for all Americans and new immigrants. Those are values we can rally around.

Our shared core values are ready to be embraced by the majority of American people. That is our challenge. Not moderation like Hillary Clinton, Hubert Humphrey or George McGovern. We tried that. It does not work.

Paul Molino

Grass Valley

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