Paul Molino: Lost love, but she had to go |

Paul Molino: Lost love, but she had to go

Love affairs have a way of losing the flame as things change. My latest love lost has been with my deep and coveted love of manzanita.

She is beautiful and produces a rich, red wood that stops the heart of many a woodcarver. Planted around my house she provides me with much privacy. Over the years she has faithfully grown large and now my house cannot be seen. She has served our family well.

But with the fires we have had, I decided to part company and I am pulling her out by the roots. I figure that a large manzanita shrub is equal to a 5 gallon can of gasoline. The 10 manzanita plants surrounding my house can burn very hot as manzanita does. My house would be lost with my loving manzanita. So I had to make a choice.

Another lost love, but I am saving my home and family. She had to go.

Paul Molino

Grass Valley

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