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Paul Hauck: No sense of decency

Paul Hauck
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I treated upwards of 5,000 children over a 35-year career as a pediatric psychologist. I have a good sense of the challenges youth with developmental or psychological difficulties face.

More personally, my wife and I raised our son, now 47, who had sustained a severe brain injury before we adopted him at age two. Today our son lives in a group home for developmentally disabled men, works every day on a custodial crew through Easter Seals, gets around the greater Sacramento area on bus and light rail, and always has a lady friend. He has benefitted from the labor of an army of professionals over the years, but I have always thought of his accomplishments a product of his own heroism.

But what can you say about a young woman, with her own atypical development, who skippers a sailboat across the Atlantic in an effort to draw attention to the crisis of global warming? Who is allowed to speak before a United Nations Commission? And then speaks so movingly and intelligently?

And when she is sarcastically mocked and demeaned by the president of the United States I can only reply, “At long last, have you left no sense of decency?”

Paul D. Hauck

Penn Valley

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