Paul Hauck: Disapproval of America’s leadership |

Paul Hauck: Disapproval of America’s leadership

Regarding Greg Marshall’s June 18 opinion piece, “Trump: Keep doing what you are doing,” he “submits” that “the decline in the U.S.’s image and importance abroad” is the fault of President Obama and that the policies of President Trump are reversing that.

He doesn’t offer any quantification of this change in American “image” but I assume he means other nations approval or trust in American presidential leadership.

The problem is that this premise is false. The citizens of other nations almost uniformly approve of Obama’s leadership over that of George W. Bush or Trump. Our “image” dropped dramatically during our occupation of Iraq and rebounded when Obama repudiated the Bush Doctrine of “Preemptive War.”

Gallup’s Rating World Leaders: 2018 report, based on polls in 134 countries, found that Trump’s approval was at 30 percent, down from Obama’s last year at 48 percent. The largest drops were among our strongest allies.

Similarly, approval of America’s leadership dropped from 65 percent to 50 percent and trust in the president from 63 percent to 27 percent between September 2015 and September 2017 (Pew Research Center’s Global Attitudes & Trends annual survey).

Marshall’s premise is false, unless he defines “image and importance” by some other metric, so his subsequent justifications may be true or false but are certainly irrelevant.

Paul D. Hauck

Penn Valley

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