Paul Hauck: A rebuttal on immigration |

Paul Hauck: A rebuttal on immigration

In response to a letter to the editor by David Farrell on April 23, I believe that a more careful reading of my letter will demonstrate that I did not say that illegal immigrants receive no public benefits.

Mr. Farrell is correct that some public funds do go to provide schooling for children whose parents lack legal status. These children are also eligible for some basic medical services as well as the emergent care that is available to anyone, regardless of legal status (see Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act signed by Reagan in 1986). I imagine that the “sins of the father should not be visited upon the child” thinking prevailed in the provision of these benefits.

My letter was to point out that the original writer’s statement that “60% of illegal immigrants would end up on welfare rolls” was completely false and, I would suggest, needlessly inflammatory.

I should clarify that these statements refer to immigrants, not refugees who have a different legal status altogether.

Paul D. Hauck

Penn Valley

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