Paul Guffin: This Prop. 13 isn’t that Prop. 13 |

Paul Guffin: This Prop. 13 isn’t that Prop. 13

Proposition 13 on the current ballot has nothing to with Proposition 13 that passed in 1978.

The current Prop. 13 is a bond measure; the “original” Prop. 13 was a constitutional amendment dealing with property taxes. The unfortunate use of the “Prop. 13” designation for the current measure has, apparently, created a lot of confusion for many voters. It is true that both propositions deal with money, but in completely different manners, and neither affects the other.

One way you can tell them apart: in order to change the 1978 Prop. 13, a part of the California Constitution, would require a two-thirds vote to succeed; the current Prop. 13, being a bond measure, requires only a simple majority to pass.

The Prop. 13 on the ballot currently in our hands is a bond measure to provide funding solely for educational projects, including renovation and new construction for public schools (K-12), career technical education facilities, charter schools, community colleges, and both California State University and University of California facilities.

There is nothing in the current proposition that impacts property taxes, which is what the older Prop. 13 was all about.

So, this Prop. 13 isn’t that Prop. 13

Paul Guffin


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