Paul Craner: Nevada City Council and its 5G motives |

Paul Craner: Nevada City Council and its 5G motives

Nevada City Council and its 5G motives

To keep our minds off the (apparently) impending 5G, I noticed the old Christmas tree, which was in Calanan Park, no longer blocked the view from City Hall in Nevada City and maybe a telephone pole on the other side of the freeway.

I believe the city council cut the Christmas tree down to pave the way for Verizon’s 5G, knowing Verizon would never be able to force the city to cut it down. I also cannot find where they appropriated the money for the tree cutting. The city gave $18,400 plus $300 to A&E arborists and tree care for a South Pine Street tree removal, that I can find (6/12/19 agenda item 3-F).

Nevada City’s city council is shoving 5G down the city’s throat and I have to ask why, as 5G does not denote a boon of any kind for Nevada City.

Paul Carner

Nevada City

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