Patsy Rieger: Miller is all about public safety |

Patsy Rieger: Miller is all about public safety

District 3 voters please be aware of the following as you cast your vote for the most qualified county supervisor candidate:

Dan Miller and Hilary Hodge were interviewed by Grass Valley Police Officers Assoc., Nevada County Deputy Sheriff Assoc., and Nevada County Professional Firefighters Local 3800. Through these thorough interviews for public safety, Dan Miller secured all of the endorsements.

“Supervisor Miller is a longtime Nevada County resident with extensive experience working in local public service positions. He has displayed a history of making decisions that places priority on the safety of our residents.” (Nevada County Deputy Sheriff’s Assoc.)

Dan Miller is all about public safety. He is all about keeping our neighborhoods safe from the outside influences that threaten our community. His endorsements speak volumes about his relationships with these vital entities. Hilary Hodge does not have a single endorsement from a local government official. Not a surprise as it takes time to develop those necessary relationships that earn an endorsement. Hilary Hodge needs to begin at the starting line. Join a commission, run for city council, get your feet wet. Nevada County doesn’t have time to teach her.

We have big challenges in front of us and I am voting for Dan Miller for supervisor as he has the experience, thick skin and the knowledge to keep our county safe.

Patsy Rieger

Grass Valley

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