Patricia Sharp: Compromise not only possible, but essential |

Patricia Sharp: Compromise not only possible, but essential

I applaud The Union for publishing Todd Juvinall’s letter. Unfortunately he missed the whole point of Brian Hamilton’s column.

Hamilton was not disputing the value of the two-party system, he was simply pointing out that our allegiance should be to finding solutions to whatever issues we, as a community, have and not to whatever our particular party dictates.

It isn’t just possible to compromise, it’s essential. Negotiating/compromising is at the heart of all transactions and especially conflicts.

Recently I’ve learned that primary to all successful negotiations is the premise of treating every human being with dignity. We must recognize the inherent value of each person no matter who they are or what they bring to the table. It is a birthright. Without this basic premise in place, hurt, resentment, anger and rage can ensue since we are all biologically wired to protect ourselves when we feel demeaned. Everybody matters! That’s some common ground. We all deserve being treated with dignity.

Respect is different. That is something that’s earned from others by way of one’s actions.

Problem solving starts with treating each other with dignity then making room for compromise. We have some common ground, we all matter, and we can negotiate the rest.

Thank you for taking on this thorny issue. It’s a good newspaper that gets us readers thinking and then responding!

Patricia Sharp

Grass Valley

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