Patricia Black: No better place than here |

Patricia Black: No better place than here

There’s a lot of talk about how to help the homeless. A local committee discusses it regularly. Another one tries to figure what bribes might influence developers to include smaller, affordable units. An architect fundraises to build a whole village of tiny houses.

Meanwhile, in Seattle, the nonprofit BLOCK Project has asked homeowners to volunteer space on their property to place one tiny house. The nonprofit builds and owns the tiny house, and the occupants are carefully chosen to be compatible with the property owners. One at a time, they have already started providing living space for those who didn’t have it. The costs are lower because of donated materials and labor. We could do this here.

The problem is that nobody can make a profit on the homeless, and profit is the meaning of life in capitalist heaven. There are many things we could do to reduce the number of folks who have nowhere to go, all of them nonprofit and all requiring cooperation from those to be housed and the county itself.

There’s no better place to do it than here.

Patricia Black

Nevada City

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