Pat Lane: So long, California |

Pat Lane: So long, California

I subscribed to The Union for all 34 and a half years I have lived in Grass Valley. Some of its columnists and op-ed writers notwithstanding, I believe it presents the news fairly and unbiased, unlike the Sacramento paper that prints the news with the slant it wants you to believe.

Thanks to The Union for reporting the news as it occurred. But it’s time to say goodbye.

Having lived in California for 49 years, I’ve had enough. Enough hot summers, fires, high prices and congestion. And enough politics.

The Democrats have turned California into a welfare state. No other opinions permitted. Conservatives, Christians, or Republicans need not apply. There is no freedom of speech unless it follows the (Democrat) party line. Democrats overlook the fact that it was the “Radical Republicans,” the party of Abraham Lincoln and U.S. Grant, who fought Democrats after the Civil War for the rights of former slaves. It was the “RR” who passed the 14th Amendment and other legislation to protect blacks and give them the right to vote, while Democrats resisted Reconstruction and persecuted and slaughtered African Americans by the hundreds, conveniently forgotten by Democrat revisionists.

But I digress. I’m outta here. So long.

Pat Lane

Grass Valley

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