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Other Voices: The Boardwalk is Nevada City’s skid row

“Most people in the city (government) agree it has really not posed any significant problems. …” — city manager

“What are the (physical) impacts? There really aren’t any that come to mind. …” — city planner

Perhaps these (government) people should listen to the Nevada City citizens, residents and visitors, the vast majority of whom oppose the Boardwalk and its sad, unintended consequences. Commercial Street is now an established “skid row,? becoming an attraction and destination for transients and drifters.

“You have to have that (foot patrol officer) position … that is the kind of area that will fall to undesirables.” — chief of police

In spite of the periodic patrols, the area has fallen! This area of our once beautiful historical district is littered with unkempt persons and animals sprawled on benches, sidewalks and in doorways. Pedestrian traffic is impeded, blocked and threatened by the unruly activities, including drugs, alcohol and the ignoring of nonsmoking regulations.

Vehicular traffic is congested by the effective narrowing of the street and the wanderings of the Boardwalk people. Commercial Street is critical to our traffic pattern. One-way conversion would be a serious detriment to the flow of traffic and service to our merchants, residents and visitors.

“Nevada City will either seek a negative impact declaration, a mitigated negative declaration or even seek an overall exemption from environmental review … There really are no impacts that I am seeing …” — city planner

Really? One would need to be naive or totally oblivious to the existing and growing problems to draw such a conclusion.

“We”ll probably go through the process. Whether you like it or not is not what is considered …” — city planner

Really? What an arrogant and uncivil attitude and approach to resolving problems in our community. Input from our citizens, residents and visitors will have great impact on the environmental study. Anything less than a full environmental study and report would be to neglect the duty to fully investigate and review an extremely sensitive matter.

I expect the environmental review will conclude that continuing the Boardwalk would have monumental impacts and detrimental effects to our community.

Conley S. Weaver is the consulting architect for the Nevada City Historical District and a former Nevada City mayor.

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