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On the manhunt, elephants rides

If the police would encourage property owners to clean out trash and sleeping bags placed on their property by transients, who then stake out a home base from which to rob homes and other businesses, not to mention using our city as an outdoor latrine, we would have a lot less crime in our city. It strikes me as ludicrous to conduct a paramilitary operation with noisy helicopters circling our city for hours and terrifying residents, and then not take simple crime-prevention precautions.

And why do misguided animal lovers not spend time more constructively to pick up trash and sleeping bags thrown around our city streets and properties by slobs, or volunteer at a food bank to help the homeless, who are treated much less well than those loved, well-fed, well-cared for elephants? Elephants have helped humans for centuries, and at times they even honor those humans who do care for them. Elephants have been known to travel for a day or two to the hut where their benefactor has died, encircling it and trumpeting, to give their favored human an elephant funeral!

If you would help elephants, learn about them and the mutually beneficent relationship between humans and elephants. Elephants giving rides to people is not cruel and unusual punishment! Who are you going to attack next? Horses? Stop this idiocy, Grass Valley! Ignore the fanatics, go to the fair, break attendance records and support all the charities that make money to help the poor!

Elise S. Hougesen

Grass Valley

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