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Obama not unlike an imam

Progressives need failure to survive, so they create more failure. First they gave us “Hope and Change,” “Recovery Summer” and ‘“Shovel Ready,” all of which failed. Now we get division, distraction and distortion, all under the banner of “Forward.”

Forward to more failed economic policies, failed job creation, failed debt reduction and an Arab spring that will turn into Obama’s fall. The president’s policies are struggling to show positive performance without doctored statistics, and he now asks for more time to reduce our stand of living and regulate business out of business.

If he wants to rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic, he should do it with his own cast and crew and not on our payroll. The upcoming election is not for the choosing of the next imam, but the next chief executive officer.

Doing research on imams I do find it interesting that an imam is defined as a leader of worship services, serves as community leader, and provide guidance. During services the imam leads and the others follow by copying his ritual actions of worship. Sounds like what we have in office now. Kool-Aid drinkers following without question commands from the ‘Dear Leader.’

John T. Nightingale


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