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Obama efforts all but guarantee Republican election victories

I’m starting to scare myself, I find I’m agreeing with Ron Lowe (“Obama’s achievements overlooked,” published July 31) and applauding Obama for his efforts. His efforts have all but guaranteed a Republican takeover of the Senate in November. Bravo!

Lowe is correct about Obama’s failure to make our politics less bitter and polarized. Obama started by bullying America and Republicans by passing Obamacare without consulting or listening to anyone, especially Republicans. His, do it my way period or it won’t get done, for almost six years now has caused the largest separation and partisan politics hatred in American history. Bravo!

Obama’s ridiculous emission regulations along with thousands of unheard of penalties on power plants has caused energy costs to skyrocket. They’ve also caused thousands of lost jobs resulting in an increase in the welfare roles. He’s carrying out his promise to destroy the coal industry causing thousands of more lost jobs, Bravo!

Since his coronation Obama and Democrats have alienated and abandoned Israel, our greatest ally in the Middle East. They’re also responsible for America’s loss of respect and standing in the world. Bravo!

Obama has increased real unemployment to well over 12 percent and a third of the country is unemployed, underemployed, or has stopped looking for work. Obama, with the help and encouragement of Pelosi and Reid, has made it more inviting to rely on Federal government handouts and welfare than it is to go to work. Bravo!

Don’t get me started on the Obamacare unconstitutional debacle. Three hundred words are not enough to explain this national disgrace dictated by Saul Alinsky’s eight rules to destroy capitalism.

Obama’s Kool-Aid connoisseurs, who blindly and unquestionably followed his every fantasy to fundamentally change America and our Constitution, must someday answer to Americans and history. It will be ugly.

Bob Webster

Penn Valley

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