Not my mother’s Republican Party |

Not my mother’s Republican Party

My mother believed in personal and fiscal responsibility and “America the Beautiful.”

She would be appalled at today’s conservative party which creates $2 trillion in debt and gives tax breaks to corporations and the wealthy. Not to mention denigrating our FBI and CIA, calling our press the enemy, cavorting with dictators and thugs, taking the word of Putin (imagine Reagan doing this), ignoring the threat of climate change, denigrating military heroes, using his office to enrich himself and family.

And finally, my mother never condoned lying and would call out anyone who has lied over 10,000 times. Conservatives have lost their moral compass, they used to be the party of individualism, yet they malign the LGBT community, demean those who disagree, ignore social injustice and provide subsidies to farmers and corporations.

Oh, and by the way, conservatives and liberals want to breath clean air, drink clean water and ensure a viable planet for our future generations.

Mike Ferguson

Penn Valley

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