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Nory Fussell: Bezos kisses

The U.S. government is printing money and handing it out like Hershey’s kisses. Obviously, this is not real wealth, backed up by anything of value — it is but an agreement.

We need to change our agreements regarding money. If Jeff Bezos “owns” roughly $140 billion and there are roughly 27 million people filing for unemployment, he could conceivably take only one-half of his stash, 1/2, 50%, and write a check in the amount of $2,600 to each of those unemployed. This is socially insane, immoral, and therefore almost certainly criminal (Does he work/labor even one-tenth or 10% as hard as his employees?).

If you spent $1 million per day, every day since Jesus walked on earth, you would still not have $1 billion. As you’re quarantined, think about this. Do you want to keep living with such agreements?

Can we rethink money, the wealth of “We the People,” the value of your labor and your agreements?

Nory Fussell

Nevada City


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