Norton Lehner: A swing and a miss |

Norton Lehner: A swing and a miss

Regarding The Union’s ‘Hits and Misses’ column published on Dec. 20, and Linda Chaplin’s commentary regarding The Union’s police blotter, one can only agree that the blotter “reveals the local goings on.”

But these are not, as she states, “the goings-on of the general populace;” these are the goings-on of the criminal element of the populace, and should not be excused as, in Ms. Chaplin’s words, “people just being themselves.”

Yes, the “county is full of interesting characters,” but most do not engage in criminal activity, and would find it embarrassing, even unnamed, to find their activities described in the blotter. Ms. Chaplin would be better advised to avoid any attempt to normalize criminal behavior as simply “people just being themselves.”

The police blotter should continue to report the criminal behavior. The populace should view the criminal activities as attacks on our otherwise law-abiding citizenry. And law enforcement agencies in Nevada County should be applauded for their continuing attempts to curtail such behavior.

Norton Lehner

Grass Valley

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