Norton Lehner: A pregnant pause |

Norton Lehner: A pregnant pause

Regarding Terry McLaughlin’s column in The Union on Aug. 12, I must say that I have never read anything funnier. I’m amazed that she could invent such comedy!

When Ms. McLaughlin quoted a professor who apologized to his students for his statement “When a woman is pregnant,” I started to chuckle. Why was an apology necessary? Who else could achieve such a condition? I am reminded of a statement made decades ago by a friend (a male) who was debating with a female at the same gathering. He said to her that a man can do anything a woman can do, to which she responded “Can you have a baby?” His answer: “You show me the woman who can knock me up, and I sure as hell can.”

Ms. McLaughlin goes on to state that instead of referring to “a pregnant woman,” the CDC uses only the terms “pregnant people” and “pregnant persons,” and the NIH references “birthing persons.” By now, I was laughing out loud.

Then, she goes on to describe the APA’s objection to such terms as “birth sex” in favor of “assigned sex,” and describing “mothering” as problematic. I loved the quotation of Katie Herzog “acknowledging biological sex can be considered transphobic” (more laughter here).

The finale to Ms. McLaughlin’s comedy act was the objection to the term “breastfeed” rather than “chestfeed.” Now I’m rolling over with laughter.

But wait. It finally dawned on me that Ms. McLaughlin was not making this up. I realized that these were actual terms and concepts being spewed by a throng of severely confused individuals whose sole purpose seems to be to gain recognition of their own “enlightenment.” So, congratulations to Ms. McLaughlin for exposing this nonsense.

But wait: Ms.” implies gender, so maybe I should just address Terry McLaughlin. But wait, “Mc” is defined as “son of,” so I can’t use that. either.

Maybe I can just congratulate Terry Laughlin? Whatever, thanks Terry for an entertaining column. Just wish you were kidding about all of the nonsense, and that common sense could prevail.

Norton Lehner

Grass Valley

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