Nora Nausbaum: Nevada County needs Bruce Herring |

Nora Nausbaum: Nevada County needs Bruce Herring

The recent large NID expenditure of $811,000 for a Raw Water Master Plan consultant is very concerning.

The public and the shareholders do not know the selection process which was used to hire this consultant. He was hired without current data on water usage and projected climate change data. Up-to-date information and realistic expectations are vital for any big decisions.

The present NID top-down structure is outdated, inefficient and impractical. It creates public distrust. NID board badly needs new people, people who are open to new ideas and value public input.

Bruce Herring is running for NID board and will bring fresh ideas and openness.

Herring is a 30-year resident of Nevada County, taught school and was a Bitney Prep High School administrator and former owner of Wolf Creek Wilderness equipment store. He has been involved with water issues for 40 years and is very knowledgeable about the complexity of water issues. Bruce is passionate about transparency, efficiency and public discussion before the NID board makes big decisions and spends large sums of money.

We all, in Nevada County, get mail-in ballots, but you can also vote in person. Vote for Bruce Herring for NID director, Division 2 by Nov. 6.

Nora Nausbaum

Grass Valley

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