Nora Nausbaum: Marty Walters for U.S. Congress |

Nora Nausbaum: Marty Walters for U.S. Congress

I’m volunteering for Marty Walters for U.S. Congress in our California District 1. This large district encompasses 11 counties, including Nevada County and all the way north to the Oregon border.

We are currently poorly represented by Doug LaMalfa who is a wealthy 1 percenter who does not face the issues that the residents of District 1 face. Marty Walters is one of us and has a deep grasp of rural issues and astute ideas to help our issues of fire, water, internet, getting money out of politics, renewable energy and healthcare. I’m volunteering for her campaign because I have seen her independence, strength, practical smarts and problem-solving skills. She has the gravitas and experience to get things done.

Many of us here in Nevada County actively work for her. I invite you to join us. But first learn about her at

Nora Nausbaum

Nevada County

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