Nathan Pinneo: PG&E should wait for actual weather event |

Nathan Pinneo: PG&E should wait for actual weather event

I am writing to you about the recent PG&E power outages. I think it is great that they are trying to stop another fire from starting and getting sued again, but people from school have Chromebooks that they need Wi-Fi to do their homework.

Businesses also have to be able to operate, which is not easy without power. And another thing is some people have school and work, but were canceled because of the power outage.

I think they should cut down the trees around the power lines to make them safer, so fires don’t start up again. I also think that there should be a better system for shutdowns. This one was because of the high winds that didn’t actually come here. I think PG&E should look at the weather reports and give a possible warning that they will shut the power off, but wait until the conditions get worse in order to make that decision.

This would hopefully prevent any unnecessary closures of schools and offices.

Nathan Pinneo

Grass Valley

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