Nancy Stevenson: A volunteer’s perspective |

Nancy Stevenson: A volunteer’s perspective

I am a volunteer at Sammie’s cat facility. Not so many Mondays ago I came for my shift. It was an unusually quiet day, with two young women and one young man there.

I asked them if they wanted to adopt. They said no, and I gave them the tour, as lots of people come in not planning to adopt, just wanting to visit.

A bit later, I went into the “senior kitty” room and one of the young women was in there. She told me her school was closed that day because of her two classmates involved in that tragic car accident and that she and her friends “just wanted to be with the animals.” I don’t know the benefit those kids got from being at the shelter that day, but they were there a long time. I don’t know the young folks who were there that day, but if I did I would ask them if it helped them to be there. I most definitely would not ask them how much money that experience was worth to them or if they would have preferred to drive to Auburn.

Those young folks chose to come to Sammie’s Friends — a true sanctuary. We don’t kill animals there just because they are too old, have special needs that take extra time to care for, because they are not cute anymore, not quite friendly enough, or because there are just too many of them. We value their lives.

Sammie’s Friends is a true shelter, one of the many really fine things we support in our community. It would be a very great loss for our community were Sammie’s forced to close. That shelter helps both people who care for animals and the animals who so desperately need people to care for them. If you haven’t visited Sammie’s Friends, come out when I am there, or any other volunteer or staff. We will be happy to show you what we do.

Nancy Stevenson

Nevada City

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