Nancy Mitchell: Hodge holding fundraisers outside the county |

Nancy Mitchell: Hodge holding fundraisers outside the county

Hodge holding fundraisers outside the county

In checking support for Hilary Hodge for board of supervisors’ position, I found that she is receiving a lot of support from outside the county.

There was a fundraiser in San Francisco at the Pilsner Inn on Nov. 19, and one at Sacramento Stonewall on March 23. Receiving funds from family, friends, and locals who want to support a candidate is one thing, but holding fundraisers out of county is another.

This is a blatant effort to bring outside influences into our beautiful county to promote the agenda to bring “a progressive majority to the county of Nevada” (per her YouTube video). Is Hilary not aware that this is a nonpartisan position?

Outside influences want Nevada County to grow pot for their dispensaries as they do not have the soil to do it themselves. Other counties are regretting their decision to rush into what they thought would be an economic windfall!

Dan Miller will work to navigate through the medical pot cultivation issues in a responsible and thorough manner. Dan has served our county for 27 years and limits his fundraising to within the county he serves.

Nancy Mitchell

Grass Valley

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