Nancy Holtz: Safe driving is everyone’s responsibility |

Nancy Holtz: Safe driving is everyone’s responsibility

There have been several articles in The Union in the past few months regarding improvements for Highway 174. Most of these articles have provided good information with regards to this project.

The initial project of cutting down more than 1,500 trees and realigning the highway has come under much scrutiny from the public, mostly residents along this scenic highway.

No one has mentioned that a main reason for this work is to save drivers from themselves. The highway, curves, and beautiful trees don’t cause accidents. People driving too fast, driving impaired, not paying attention, plus making really stupid decisions cause accidents. I drive 45-47 mph and usually have a line of vehicles behind me. Several times (four in one month) a vehicle has passed mine over the double yellow line plus on a curve or over a hill (by Bierwagens).

Why do people have to drive fast and feel that they are the only ones on the highway ?

Royce Larsen had several good ideas in his letter of Nov. 16 with bottom line being enforcing the rules of the road. People certainly aren’t following the rules thereby endangering themselves and others. Safe driving is everyone’s responsibility.

Caltrans may add striping, more signs, but the initial proposal by Caltrans actually takes away driver’s responsibility.

Nancy Holtz

Chicago Park

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