Nancy Gillespie: Why gun lobbyist Richard Mack? |

Nancy Gillespie: Why gun lobbyist Richard Mack?

I’m saddened. I was planning to attend the March 23 Sheriff’s Forum sponsored by the Nevada County Tea Party. In my naivete, I thought any forum, no matter the sponsor, would be a fair, unbiased opportunity to hear all the candidates.

I read the press release in The Union and should have paid closer attention to the fact that it was submitted by a private citizen and not a staffer from The Union.

After researching the moderator, Richard Mack, I found that he’s a lobbyist for Gun Owners of America and opposes all gun control laws. He stated, “I studied what the Founding Fathers meant about the Second Amendment, the right to keep and bear arms, and the conclusion is inescapable. There’s no way around it. Gun control in America is against the law.”

Richard Mack is on the board of the Oath Keepers. Their literature, available at the Sheriff’s Forum states, “We will not obey unconstitutional and immoral order, such as orders to disarm the American people or to place them under martial law. We won’t ‘just follow orders.’”

I thought a local Sheriff’s Forum would focus on what’s important to our community. So why is Richard Mack from Arizona speaking to Nevada County residents?

I commend Captain Shannon Moon and Lt. Bill Smethers for not attending the forum. I only wish they had been more forthcoming with their reasons for not attending.

Nancy Gillespie

Nevada City

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