Nancy Eubanks: Do the right thing, Republicans |

Nancy Eubanks: Do the right thing, Republicans

Shame on the Republican party. You own Donald Trump and his racist ideology.

Your party has been fomenting racism to win elections starting with Nixon and the “southern strategy,” continuing with George H.W. Bush and his “Willy Horton” ads, allowing the birther conspiracy theories against Obama to fester, and supporting Trump as your standard-bearer.

After Trump’s outrageous news conference in the aftermath of Charlottesville, many of you “say” you are against racism and bigotry, that you disavow White Supremacy and Neo-Nazi groups and what they stand for. But actions speak loader than words. You could do several things to show you really can put country above party. Stop voter suppression laws that disenfranchise minority groups. Support a new Voter Rights Act. Stop gerrymandering districts to discriminate against minority voters. In addition, take actions to show you won’t compromise principles of openness and fairness. Pass a law requiring all presidents to disclose their income taxes. Require all presidents to divest themselves of any business interest so that presidents can’t have any conflicts of interest. Take away the lease on the Trump Hotel in Washington D.C. so Trump can’t continue to profit from that enterprise.

Come on, Republicans, do the right thing!

Nancy Eubanks

Rough and Ready

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