Nancy Eubanks: Audrey Denny will fight for what we really need |

Nancy Eubanks: Audrey Denny will fight for what we really need

We in congressional District 1 need to elect someone who will truly represent all of us. That person is Audrey Denny.

In a recent gathering of over 300 people in Nevada County, she talked about one of her passions, economic justice. The tax bill passed by the Republican Congress and supported by her opponent — Doug LaMalfa — clearly does not represent economic justice.

The median income in the district is $50,000 — they got a tax cut of $570 ($1.60 a day). Incomes below that level receive little or nothing. Millionaires (like LaMalfa) got a tax cut of $70,000 ($190) a day. LaMalfa also has received over $5.3 million in farm subsidies since 1995, but he voted to cut food stamps by $40 billion. In our district, 23 percent of our children live below the poverty line — how many children will go hungry so LaMalfa can get his farm subsidies?

We need to send someone to Congress who will fight for our district's real needs. Audrey Denny wants to create good-paying jobs, rebuild our infrastructure, have affordable health care for all, invest in our young people through quality, affordable education, and support our small farmers.

Please vote on Nov. 6 for Audrey Denny for Congress.

Nancy Eubanks

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