Nancy Brost: The rest of the story |

Nancy Brost: The rest of the story

George Boardman’s column on Feb. 24 failed to present all the facts.

In the full video of the State of the Union address, President Trump signed the cap presented to him by Congressman LaMalfa. Instead, Mr. Boardman fails to report the whole story and creates a deceptive scenario and false assumptions, therefore misleading his readers.

Research would have found that the cap was a Paradise High School baseball cap presented to the president with good intentions and for a good cause. The congressman donated the hat, signed by the president, for auction at the Sierra Cascade Logging Conference.

Proceeds of the auction will be used to help rebuild the Paradise High School Stadium so Paradise students, instead of graduating in Chico, will be able to graduate at their own high school.

Nancy Brost

Nevada City

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