Nancy Brost: Supporting Congressman LaMalfa |

Nancy Brost: Supporting Congressman LaMalfa

Recent letters in The Union have been critical of Congressman LaMalfa.

One writer refers to two organizations, one criticizing his voting record and the other his conservation record. Anyone can cherry-pick the internet to find statistics that favor a person’s point of view. I can quickly find an extensive list of organizations that give him a 100 percent rating.

Another writer is unhappy with a mailer from the congressman containing information about policies he doesn’t agree with. Although this writer may not agree with those policies, you can be assured the majority of voters in LaMalfa’s district strongly agree.

The congressman was an avid supporter of the North State while serving in the California Legislature and has taken his knowledge to Congress, advocating for policies helping Northern California water rights, private property rights, jobs, a strong economy and fighting oppressive taxation. He is a stalwart supporter of our veterans, recently supporting 14 bills improving services and quality of care. Congressman LaMalfa authored and passed California’s Forest Fire Protection Act assisting landowners to make their rural lands fire-safe.

The majority of his constituents in District 1 support him because they agree with his philosophy, voting record, and how he represents them in Washington D.C.

Nancy Brost

Nevada City

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