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Minett and Hodge the right choices

Dear friends in Nevada City and Nevada County,

As a Nevada County resident I cannot vote for Nevada City council members, but if I could, I would vote for Erin Minett. Ms. Minett articulates the concerns of not just the Nevada City community but that of Nevada County. Her concerns are our concerns: affordable housing, the importance of honoring the neighborhood, recognizing the importance of seriously considering the economic value of the cannabis issue — and how that balances with the needs of the Nevada City. Her issue emphasis is community based, and by all accounts, that’s where the future lies. I hope Nevada City voters will recognize the positive positions she embraces and vote for her in this election.

But as a resident of the Nevada County, I can vote for Hilary Hodge, and I will. Ms. Hodge also articulates the importance of community, the importance of neighborhood and honoring the concerns and needs of our existing neighborhoods and residents. She also recognizes the importance of embracing the economics of the changing nature of the cannabis issue. She has demonstrated a willingness to tackle 2018 issues. She is not lost in the past. Again, I hope other voters in Nevada County will vote for Ms. Hodge as a true representative of the people.

Rebecca Hahn

Nevada County

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