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Mindy Oberne: Sometimes those who have the least give the most

Mindy Oberne
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As I think about the upcoming Grass Valley two-day free health care clinic at the fairgrounds happening this January, I’m reminded of a heartwarming experience I had volunteering at the Grass Valley clinic in 2015.

It was about 4:30 in the afternoon and I was escorting a patient, Jane, to the vision department. She told me she waited since 3:30 that morning to get a number so she could get her eyes tested and get a well needed pair of glasses.

She was thrilled when she received the last number. However, the woman behind her in line, wearing glasses held together with scotch tape, burst into tears realizing she would not be seen. Instead of taking that last number, Jane gave it to her.

Jane decided to wait until the end of the day, and sure enough she was able to be seen. I was so impressed with her generosity I will never forget her. It’s one of many wonderful experiences I’ve had volunteering for California CareForce.

Donations still need to be raised for the January clinic and it’s my hope that those who read this will follow Jane’s example to give what you can to help those less fortunate. United Way of Nevada County is taking donations at http://uwnc.org.

Mindy Oberne

Grass Valley

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