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Mike Vasser: Pure propaganda

Mike Vasser

Manny Montes in his Other Voices column continues to write about his ridiculous conspiracy theories. For example, he states: “It doesn’t take much to see the truth in what I claim. Does anyone question that the nation’s elite, many boardrooms, entertainment and sports have in fact taken a knee to Black Lives Matter, critical race theory and The New York Times 1639 project?”

His statement about “seeing the truth” is backed up by conjecture on his part about the country-wide conspiracy of those listed in the above section and includes racial bias.

He also states: Does anyone question that his “so called conspiracy theories are fact?” Being that he hasn’t provided any evidence to establish the truth of it, I would surmise that many people question it. Manny Montes’ writing is pure propaganda.

Mike Vasser

Grass Valley


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