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Mike Vasquez: Don Rogers hits the mark

In light of recent events, I’d like to commend publisher Don Rogers for his well-researched and well-written article, “Half the deaths, triple the horror” on Aug. 9, which concerned the causes of deaths in America. Anyone who read and thoughtfully digested it better understood the reality and nature of what we face every day in America.

The media tends to sensationalize violent events, like mass shootings, with articles spiced with hyberbole, rhetoric and opinion, which solve nothing, spark hysteria, anger, and, in some cases, increased irrational behavior by already unstable members of the public.

The public is better served by columns that, like Don’s, include thoughtful, factual analysis, dampen polarization and encourage common dialogue that focuses on solutions, rather than fanning the flames of fear and anger.

If politicians step away from microphones, the media tones down rhetoric and everyone embraces thoughtful, respectful bipartisan solutions, we may then be able to reduce all avoidable deaths in America, including those of loved ones who would perish from opioid abuse, drug abuse and drunk drivers, and also never come home.

Mike Vasquez

Nevada City

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