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Mike Mooers: Wake up, America!

First, I would like to thank our vigilant letter-writing citizens and scholars for rebutting the climate bunk referred to in a recent letter by those two “doctors.”

Why should we believe the “research” these two “doctors” did regarding climate change?

They are not climate scientists! They are medical doctors! What do they know about Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW)?

I do know that the learned letter-writing men – including a PhD.! – have clearly done their research and have the facts that prove these non-scientist doctors wrong about AGW. Excellent Googling, men!

But where is the hue and cry regarding the greatest leftist conspiracy of this century – the one with which “Climate Change” pales in comparison?

Now I’m no scientist, nor am I a Constitutional scholar, and I certainly don’t have an inapplicable PhD., but I have done extensive Internet research and it is conclusive – conclusive! – in its results.

We all need to realize that gravity is simply a scam created to line the pockets of lefty organizations’ with your tax dollars – all while perpetuating the need for “Obamacare! How?

Someone “falls” due to gravity, and then they are required to visit a hospital where their broken arm receives treatment, therefore perpetuating the perception that “Obamacare” is necessary.

But gravity is poppycock! There is no “consensus!”

If this so-called “proven” theory of gravity is real, explain these: helium balloons, airplanes, birds.

All of these things – and many more! – prove that the “pull” of “gravity” is simply a hoax.

Think about it: if gravity was not some cockamamie crock dreamed up to help NGOs obtain millions in grants while taking away our individual rights, why then aren’t we and everything around us – including the left’s precious solar panels, Teslas and windmills – all smashed to the ground as flat pancakes? We live in perilous times! Vigilance is needed to prevent the spread of these unfounded “theories” that are dreamed up to take away our rights!

Gravity, human-caused climate change, an Earth that orbits the sun — there is extensive evidence on the Internet stating that all of these are false. If this is the case, what other reason is there to perpetuate these untruths other than to make Al Gore rich? Think about it, America.

Mike Mooers lives in Grass Valley.

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