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Michele Spencer: Trump presidency unthinkable

Is Donald Trump an answer to the country's ills? Certainly he appeals to the white nationalist core of the Republican Party as well as the elite class. But what about the rest of us?

I love and respect what this country stands for and he isn't it. Think George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and FDR. All you see is an adolescent in candidate Trump.

We have traditionally welcomed the vulnerable desperate masses "yearning to be free." Immigrations has been the source of our strength just as assuring the well-being of our children has predicted our best future.

It's not all about money and demeaning people, Donald. It is about compassion, cooperation, joint effort, tolerance, fairness, good will and justice. None of these values makes us "suckers" or weak. It is what makes us strong and allows us to seek solutions, good policies and success. These are the values that make America great.

The terror, the catastrophe of a Trump presidency is unthinkable. The man is unfit for the office.

Hillary Clinton, in profound contrast, has been preparing her entire life to be President. She's knowledgeable, tough, smart and level-headed. Her record is one of public service and not factually unsupported corruption as Trump and the mainstream media often imply.

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Sitting at home and not voting, or voting for a third party candidate, is a vote for Trump.

Michele Spencer

Grass Valley

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