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Michael Stahler: Vote for Moon, ‘Woman of Persistence’

I recently moved from Sierra County to Nevada County and have a major interest in the race for sheriff.

When it came time for me to pick a candidate and support them, I saw Shannan Moon was recently given an award for being a “Woman of Persistence” in her role as a captain in the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office. That meant a great deal to me in that while a citizen of Sierra County I was severely injured in a hiking accident, one requiring the Search and Rescue team to find and evacuate me.

It was a long and arduous search with some team members wanting to give up after several hours. Happily, for me, the man who I had just voted for as Sheriff of Sierra County, leading the team showed persistence in his duty and I was found and airlifted to safety.

Shannan Moon won a state-wide award for her persistence in office which included her being a Search and Rescue team leader. I am putting my faith in her character to save and improve lives here in Nevada County. Vote for Shannan Moon.

Michael Stahler

Grass Valley

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