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Michael Kelly: Where is Brian Hamilton on the playground?

Regarding Brian Hamilton’s Nov. 29 column regarding the history of very poor treatment and disrespect of Native Americans is valid but repetitious.

OK, President Trump’s Pocahontas (aka Elizabeth Warren) description is rude and crude.

Brian says, “We no longer consider anyone less than equal, right? Our horrific treatment of Native Americans is ancient history.”

Well Brian, in the same column you use the cliché “Beyond the pale,” referring to some interaction between President Trump and Megyn Kelly. Kelly’s surname called out because Brian as an editor clearly doesn’t know the following meaning of “beyond the pale.”

“In the twelfth century, when the English first went into Ireland, they established themselves in the regions around Dublin. This was known as the ‘pale.’ English authority existed ‘within the pale.’ The rest of Ireland was governed by local kings and clans and they were regarded as very uncouth. So, it came to mean outside of the ‘civilized’ zone and where the uncouth Irish resided.” — from “Why Do We Say It,” Copyright 1985 by Castle Books.

My name says my opinion for me.

Michael Thomas Kelly

Nevada City

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