Melissa Hawk: Fight for your child’s education |

Melissa Hawk: Fight for your child’s education

Common Core testing begins soon and I, a parent of three children in the Nevada City School District, am ever so frustrated with the over complicated math and one-sided history and science curriculum, that so obviously pushes the liberal agenda.

Our many parental concerns and meetings were glossed over and now we bend over backwards to help our children learn something we ourselves can’t hardly grasp. The fight is happening across the country. Parents and entire schools are opting out of the Smarter Balanced Assessment Testing. While this won’t solve our Common Core dilemma, it will certainly make our fight against the standards known.

We the parents of Nevada County should take a stand. It is our kids right now who are losing out while being forced to be the guinea pigs for this ridiculous curriculum. Our incredibly talented teachers are forced into scripted teaching and all creativity is flying out the window. Just ask your kids how much time is being spent on test preparation and look at how much time is slotted for the actual testing itself. There is so much wrong here and on so many levels. Opt out parents! Fight for your kids’ education!

Melissa Hawk

Nevada City

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