Mary West Piowaty: LaMalfa doesn’t represent me |

Mary West Piowaty: LaMalfa doesn’t represent me

LaMalfa doesn't represent me

Our congressional representative, Doug LaMalfa, apparently does not favorably represent the United States Forest Service.

He is heard, by phone, on the news speaking about the Carr Fire. Here is the quote as he talks about federal help: " … the Forest Service is being in align with what needs to be done. We just want to be sure they keep doing their part in fighting fires. The Forest Service sometimes has a checkered record on fire-fighting as opposed to Cal Fire, which is really aggressive at it …"

Doug LaMalfa is on the Agriculture Committee which the Forest Service is under. He also is on the Ag Committee that has approved his own rice subsidies. I would say some conflict of interest.

With the gravity of this and past fires, and the loss of lives and property, I am appalled that our "representative" would call out any firefighter putting their life on the line. I have two children working for the Forest Service, one on a fire now. I would like to see him doing what they do.

LaMalfa's slandering the hard-working men and women on the fire line has earned Audrey Denny my vote for California Congressional District 1.

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During a House Ag committee meeting, speaking about technology, bitcoins etc, LaMalfa is quoted as saying "I am a flip phone kinda guy and come from the flip phone part of Nor Cal."

Well I do not feel that we are that backward, Doug LaMalfa. You do not represent me.

Mary West Piowaty


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