Martha Turner: Open letter to Rise Grass Valley president |

Martha Turner: Open letter to Rise Grass Valley president

Dear Mr. Ben Mossman, president, Rise Grass Valley Inc.:

How could I miss your full page ad in The Union on Dec. 23, 2020? It was a slap in the face to all of us who live in Grass Valley. You wishing us all a Merry Christmas while publishing what I believe to be falsehoods about what high standards Rise Gold Corp. will follow and presuming to know what the reopening of your mine means to our community.

You say you moved to Nevada County three years ago. Exactly where are you and your wife and your young child living? Is it in the neighborhood of the mine where I’m afraid you will have your peace and quiet disturbed by the noise of a mine running 24 hours a day, seven days a week? Where you will have your well water impacted and maybe lost completely?

We, who have lived here for many more years, are horrified at the idea of opening a hard rock mine so close to our town. There may be a few who believe the promises and hold a nostalgic and misinformed perspective of what this mine means for our community. And there are those, like yourself and your Board of Directors, who I imagine can only consider the money to be made, regardless of the harm done to the community and environment.

I say shame on you, Mr. Mossman, and shame on Rise Gold Corp. for coming to exploit another community. I read about the last company you worked for, only two years ago, named Banks Island Gold Limited in Canada. I learned that this company ended in bankruptcy and had the security bond of $420,000 confiscated by the Canadian government toward cleaning up the mess left behind on the last gold mine company you were president of. I am not reassured.

The grass roots effort to prevent you from opening the Idaho-Maryland mine will continue and we will fight you tooth and nail, for it is not “a worthy endeavor” by any stretch of the imagination.

Martha Turner

Grass Valley

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