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Martha Turner: Concerns regarding the mine

I have lived in this community most of my life and am deeply concerned about the possibility of Rise Gold reopening the Idaho-Maryland Mine. I am trying to understand why this company chose to try to open this particular mine in Grass Valley. These are some of my questions:

∎ Was it hoped that the residents of our rural county would simply open our arms to such a heavy industrial operation just 0.6 miles from the Grass Valley city limits?

∎ Was it hoped that we would welcome plans for the waste rock to be trucked, dumped, and compacted at the 56-acre Centennial site, which is two miles away from the mine site and surrounded on three sides by Grass Valley city limits?

∎ Was it hoped we would think this to be a good idea to create a 21 acre, 80- to 90-foot-tall mound on top of an existing toxic waste site?

∎ Was it expected that gold fever and promises of lots of money coming into the economy would keep us from recognizing the enormous cost of such theoretical gains? Most of the jobs they say they will create will be filled by experienced people they bring in.

∎ Was it hoped that this community would be too unsophisticated to realize the environmental and economic disaster this mine would have on our town? Our town’s economic base has moved beyond mining, and later logging, and now thrives on tourism with people being drawn to the natural beauty of the region, which would be destroyed by this mine so close to town.

∎ Was it hoped that we would all have a romantic notion of the good old days, when mining was at the pinnacle of destruction of so much in this region?

∎ Was it hoped or expected that we would be too naïve to organize local opposition to the reopening of the Idaho-Maryland Mine?

I invite everyone in our community to educate themselves about this mine and the impact it would have on the quality of life, the environment, the economy, the health of our citizens and children, and communicate your thoughts to each of the Nevada County Board of Supervisors. It will be just these five individuals who will decide the fate of our community. Learn more at: http://www.minewatchnc.org.

Martha Turner

Grass Valley


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