Marshall Leve: No Party Preference is liberating |

Marshall Leve: No Party Preference is liberating

After 62 years as a registered Republican, I needed a change – where to go? No Party Preference allowed me to consider all party positions and all candidate options. I now recommend NPP.

I reviewed the First Congressional District incumbent’s recent actions. I was not pleased. I have searched the background of Audrey Denney – her recent comments and candidate positions. As an NPP, I recommend her to political independents and Republicans dissatisfied with local/national leadership.

Denney supports local communities and especially their residents. She seeks improved health care with greater low/middle income funding assistance – her opponent voted against this. She seeks expanded employment opportunities with funding for infrastructure improvement. She seeks expanded school/college funding and diversity.

Denney believes that a revised tax structure should benefit all at least equally. She opposes special assistance to the Fat Cats who least need it.

Raised a farmer’s daughter in an agricultural community, Denney appreciates farmers’/ranchers’ roles and responsibilities. She understands their needs to expand production and improve infrastructure. More important, she is a great listener, quick to pick up cues benefitting our agricultural communities.

I enjoy my new NPP status, and I believe our November choice is clear – Audrey Denney for congress.

Marshall Leve


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