Mark Wilson: We can do better than Megan Dahle |

Mark Wilson: We can do better than Megan Dahle

This week, local residents Nick and Amanda Wilcox were honored by the California State Assembly.

You would think their Assembly member would be rising to congratulate them. Instead, our Assembly member, Megan Dahle, sat at her desk, ignoring the proceedings and texting on her cell phone. The very least we should demand from our Assembly members is the courtesy to pay attention during the session, especially when it concerns their constituents.

Mrs. Dahle’s rude, dismissive behavior is unacceptable. Fortunately, we have a better choice for Assembly in the March 3 election: Elizabeth Betancourt.

Elizabeth has integrity and is eager to listen to, learn from, and discuss issues with the varied mix of people who make up Assembly District 1. Much too often we feel our voices aren’t heard in Sacramento; maybe that’s because our Assembly member isn’t working to make them heard.

Rather than sitting alone at her desk texting, Elizabeth will work productively with other Assembly members to ensure our rural concerns are heard and addressed for a change. Cast a vote for perseverance, courtesy, and integrity.

Vote for Elizabeth Betancourt for Assembly District 1.

Mark Wilson

Nevada City

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