Maris Sanford: ‘South Pacific’ a hit |

Maris Sanford: ‘South Pacific’ a hit

As a new attendee to theatre productions, I watched Nevada Theatre’s “South Pacific” on April 26. What a great show! Entertained from the very beginning with wonderful music, I quickly became engrossed in the talent and ability of all the actors and actresses on stage.

I was fortunate to have a front row seat and was amazed by the intricacies of expression in the faces of the characters. When intimacy was portrayed, I was awed at the acting abilities to maintain sensitive realism throughout the segment. The absolute jolliness of the seaman and the unabashed comedy of Billis had the crowd laughing and Bloody Mary was an absolute delight. I thought the casting of the officers were simply perfect and, oh my! The singing! I heard range and expression in these voices, men and women alike, all the while remaining in character,

I am not a seasoned spectator but I was thoroughly impressed and plan on making CATS productions a No. 1 must in the future. It is no wonder that tickets were sold out!

Thank you cast and crew for my personal wonderful evening.

Maris Sanford

Nevada City

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