Marion Morris: Greatest grifter ever in the White House |

Marion Morris: Greatest grifter ever in the White House

I would like to comment on Mr. Borlik’s letter of Nov. 24. Despite the satirical tongue-in-cheek piece that some may perceive this to be, it also exemplifies how divided our country is.

While some in alternate realities will surely nod in agreement as to Trump’s great presidency, there are others like myself who depend on fact. His reign may be remembered as “dynamic and eventful” but for all the wrong reasons.

His “display of authority” was at times nothing short of autocratic meanderings always testing the boundaries of our Constitution. Yes, the Trump administration’s pathetic response to the virus was indeed “unparalleled” and the world looked at the most powerful country in the world with horror as our death numbers soared.

Not only did Trump mock masks and flout safety precautions, but he also maligned governors in trying to enforce them. His rallies alone were responsible for 3,000 infections and 700 deaths.

As far as us being “intimidated by outspoken leaders,” I beg to differ and think that “alarmed” would be the more appropriate term when describing our reactions to this man’s deranged tweets and observing his boorish behavior where he not only normalized abhorrent behavior but encouraged it.

Even now, when it’s clear that Biden won the most secure and fair election ever, Trump and the complicit GOP make a mockery of our democracy by clinging to his presidential throne in their pathetic coup attempt.

And yet, between his golf games, he still manages to wreak havoc in pardoning his criminal cronies, conducting autocratic purges, pushing through illicit arms deals, and bilking millions for his PAC fund. He is intent on leaving this country a mess for Biden.

Yes, I am indeed relieved by the “calming thought” that someone with empathy, experience, honesty and class will soon be in at the helm. If there is one lesson to be learned from the past four years, it is that the our democracy’s safeguards were not nearly as strong as we thought when challenged by the greatest grifter ever in the White House. I just hope it survives until Jan. 20.

Marion Morris

Nevada City

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