Marion Morris: Frightening moment at LaMalfa meeting |

Marion Morris: Frightening moment at LaMalfa meeting

I attended the recent LaMalfa meeting at the Grass Valley City Hall. There were a quite a few protesters, most of whom were women.

One of the hot topics was, of course, gun reform. At the beginning of the meeting there was a chant of “How many more must die?” from the women standing at the back of the room. I was stunned when I saw an older white male in the audience turn to the women and unabashedly scream, “About 50 looks like the right number!” He was apparently assessing the number of protesters.

In looking at this man, it occurred to me once again that this is the ugly face of Trump’s America that has become more than just insensitive to the gun violence that has kidnapped this country.

It has embraced it and that is truly frightening.

Marion Morris

Nevada City

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